Yes You Can!

Shout out to all my readers, you guys are awesome and greatly appreciated. Now that you know that, let me get into this conversation I heard the other day that bugged me out. This dialogue included someone saying that they couldn’t do something or make themselves better because of where they started from.

Let me be the first to tell you that you can always better yourself and you can always move forward if you want to and are willing to put in the work. Here’s some background about myself, I grew up in an environment where you know it wasn’t easy, there wasn’t much money, there was a lot of violence, and at every turn there was a bad decision to be made because that was all you knew. I got sucked in to this life style because I felt like there was no way out, that no one cared, and therefore, I might as well embrace the life style to get by in life.

There weren’t many role models around since everyone older who was living in the same conditions would always say to get out of this life style, but would continue to do the same things over and never change themselves. When you are young, you commonly copy what you see. Luckily as I was getting older, I realized that I did not have to stay in that current situation that I grew up in. By going to school and getting jobs here and there, I was able to educate myself, meet new people, and see more of the world. I was able to recognize the fact that no one in the world was going to just hand opportunities to me, and that I had to work hard to get things that I wanted to better myself and my living conditions.

It took me a while to understand this and to get it, but now that I have been able to make myself better and get out of the life style by working hard and surrounding myself with the likeminded, I want to encourage and show anyone who is in my past position to make a change because you can. This change could be big or small, but the situation you are in is only as bad as you make it. If you want to see it get better, then make the right moves to make it better. Plans don’t always work out as easily or as fast as you want them too, but if you are patient and determined, you can do it. You make your own fate and I’m telling you making the change is the hardest, but the payoffs are so much more rewarding. Staying humble after your success is also important, therefore, always remember where you came from and try to encourage others because you were them at one point in your journey to success.

The Reason for Having Goals


Hello world, glad to say I am back and I am back stronger than ever. So let me jump in to this ladies and gentlemen. The word of this blog is goals. I have come to realize that goals are not only set for you to do and to work towards, but there is a great feeling to experience after they are accomplished. Let’s all be honest for a moment, the feeling you get from accomplishing something big or small is like beating Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali; basically nothing can compare to the feeling of finishing a goal. I think I’ll be the first to say that not only is starting up a goal a good way to actually keep you motivated, but it’s a great way to make you want to set more goals and push yourself.

I want to add that you can’t be scared to fail at your goals. Losing is probably the most feared thing in this world next to spiders, but I can tell you losing can actually become the greatest thing in the world (not so much spiders). The reason why I say this is because there is a learning experience that you can be gained from failing, such as, being able to see what you did wrong and fix it to be that much closer at mastering whatever it is in the world you want to do. Failing or losing once or multiple times can make you jump for joy when you finally do accomplish the goal. You get that feeling as if you have conquered the world and you are indefatigable.

Out of everything I have said, I just want you to walk away with remembering these three points. One, that creating and following goals are important to move forward in life. Two, failing is a learning experience and it’s crucial to look on the positive side. Finally, three, accomplishing goals can leave you with an incredible feeling, so always push on and strive to reach your best.

Pacing Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s up you great people? Today I wanted to write a little something about pacing yourself, so let’s get in to this bad boy. Through the process of getting things together for my comedy career, I have learned that pacing yourself is one of those lessons that you eventually go through even if you may not want to. I know everyone has heard that the old saying “good things come to those who wait”. Well eff that right, I know you want to stop reading this blog now, but WAIT, this saying is so true. Many people want to hit the ground running with making big moves and being at the top of their career, but it really is important to start off small.

Take your time, you don’t want to rush in to anything because when you do that you have a higher chance of failing because you did not put in the time to understand what needed to be done or the time to get things done properly. By rushing you might also be expecting a lot more to be accomplished after you’re done, but if you end up walk away empty handed you might feel more inclined to give up.

I can tell you from first hand experiences or should I say hands, that defeat is the first step to success. I have had these fare shares of losses with different opportunities because I truly believe I was trying to rush into things that I was not ready for.  I have learned though that if I slow things down instead of trying to rush (e.g. to get money or to move), I find myself seeing a better outcome.

Everything you work towards for now will in the long run work out as long as you keep trying. To make myself successful I know I need to slow my shit down and make moves when the time feels right. If you feel lost, maybe it’s worth a shot to analyzing what’s going on in your situation in order for you to find a way to pace yourself to get where you need to be.

Thank you all so much for reading and the support. Peace out till next time.

setting things up!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, I’m back at it again. Sorry it’s been a while, but I have something I would love to talk with you great people about. You’re probably wondering what it is or maybe you already know because you actually read the tittle, so yes I want to talk about setting things up. Now when I say this, you may wonder what do you mean setting things up, so let me explain. Well what I mean by setting things up is making sure you have all your pieces in place and making sure you don’t just jump in to something crazy that could mess up your future. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes jumping is a great idea, but what I’m saying is jump with both eyes open and make sure you see what you’re going to hit if you fall.

I once had a friend tell me that if he is going to fall, the only way he will go is forward so that he sees what he’s hitting on the way down. Now I always took that as maybe my friend has had one too many drinks, but I have come to realize that what he means is if stuff hits the fan and he fails at something, he wants to see what went wrong with his plan.

As I make my move to the city, I have been making tons of plans, such as setting up living arrangements and ways to make income. I have come to see how important it is to set these things up so that I have a path to follow and it allows me to see all the different steps I have achieved or still need to do. Plans are one of the major keys to success.  You will come out on top if you don’t let anything destroy your game plan. As long as you make plans and stick to them or adjust them when need be, you should be able to reach your goals. I have learned this first hand and I hope that you can experience it too. Thanks for reading.


OH MAN, I am back at it again and this time I am talking about balance. Having balance in your life is incredibly important as I have found out the hard way. I’ll tell you all a little secret, just come closer to the screen…Ok, here it goes.. It’s not actually that hard to do, when you think about it.

Now let me tell you why it’s not hard to have balance, well in one day we have 24 hrs. Many people may feel that 24 hours is not a long time span, but that’s because they waste time doing things they want to do instead of have to do or they only do things they have to do and not what they want to do. Procrastination has become a big epidemic with watching tv, twitter, etc. Trying to make a living and working all day also may take up all of someone’s times. With these 24 hours, the real question I need to learn was how can I balance out the things I really need to do with things that I want to do.

I have learned to balance out the hours in my day by taking 1 or maybe 2 hours out of my day and working on something that I am really passionate about. Remember you have 24 hours, if you do a little work on what you want to do every day for 1 hr you will start to see yourself building this thing that I love to call a habit.

Now as you start to build this on your own you will realize that not only are you balancing out your work, kids, or whatever you may have going on in your life, but you are starting to make head way on working or doing things you enjoy. I always say to myself that Rome was not built in a day nor did it fall in a day, so if I can’t get something done in that day I know I can make it up the next day.

Just don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t balance something into your life. You can always come up with a plan to balance anything especially if you really need to do something or if you really want it.  Thanks for reading!

support system

I have noticed that there are a few things that have helped me get to where I am today with doing my comedy. One of the biggest helps has been having a good support system. Whether it be your parents, other family members, your significant other, or even just your best friend, your support system is who will keep you going and keep you pushing forward. Once you figure out who is really there for you and who makes up your support system, you are then able to feel like you can take on some of the world’s biggest challenges. I am blessed to say I have the greatest supporting system expanding from my loved ones to my best friend to my fellow comedian friends. All of them want to see me excel and be the best that I can be in what I enjoy to do. You can tell if you have a great support system if they encourage you, if they help pick you up when you are at your low points, if they make sure that you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and lastly, if they inspire you to never lose sight of your goal.There are many more things that go in to knowing if you have a great support system, but these are the most important factors that have helped me to distinguish who is in my support system. I must say for the people that support what it is that I do by reading my blogs, liking my pictures on Instagram, and liking the remarks I put on twitter, you all have become one of the best support systems to keep me going. I want to take this time to thank you all for being some of the key players in my support system and to also thank Thomas J. Bellezza and Top of the bottom pile for always supporting me in all the things I do. When you find your good support system you will know and you will be so appreciative and motivated that nothing can get in your way or stop you from reaching your goals.

hard work

Through observation, I have realized that every person has their own definition of what hard work is. If someone asked me to describe what hard work was, I would have to say that it’s the daily dedicated effort put into completing a task/goal. Hard work is wanting something and then constantly pushing through any obstacles to obtain that end wanted result. Ultimately, hard work is about not giving up until you get what you want no matter how many people tell you no or that you can’t do it.

Personally, I have had to push through a lot of different hard situations to get to the place where I am today. Growing up, my family did not have much, we had to worry about where we would live and the next time we would have a meal to eat. I knew that the only way to get out of this position and to do better for myself was to work hard. So far, my hard work is paying off and it’s helping me get closer to the position of where I do not have to work a 9 to 5 job and I do not have to think about if I will get fired. I wake up every day telling myself that this hard work that I put in will and is paying off. Performing comedy is my dream, it’s what I work so hard for and in my mind there is no room for failure. One goal of mine is to make anybody who told me that my hard work is nothing but chasing an unreachable dumb dream to eat their own words.

Anyone who is fighting this battle with trying to deal with negative comments, I want to tell you to use these negative comments for inspiration and to help you push forward. Be more than what people expect you to be and you can do this by putting in the work, the proof is in the pudding (ex. millionaires and me of course). Hard work should be the words you mumble when you feel you are starting to fail or you feel stagnant. I know the feeling of not feeling like your moving forward, but hard work always has its rewards if you stick to it.

Many people work hard because they want a better life than what they had. Others work hard to get what they want and deserve. I work hard for both reasons, I want to provide what I did not have for my future family and I want my comedy career to constantly prosper. I know everyone has their own meaning of hard work, but in order to really get where you want to be, I know hard work meaning, a constant commitment to carrying out a task or goal, can help get you there. Thank you for reading, you all let me know that my hard work is paying off.

the greats parts of learning comedy

The greatest bit of knowledge that I have learned thus far while pursuing a career in comedy is the importance of building relationships and networking. Getting to meet all these other comedians and being able to share such common ground with them is just mind blowing to me. So many comedians are making not just good moves, but great moves and for everyone that is watching and waiting to see something from me, well get ready because it’s my time and I’m creating something great for you all. The positive energy from these new relationships just makes me want to push forward that much harder with bigger and better moves and I can not wait to let all you see the stuff I have in the works. I really enjoy working on my jokes because they have a lot to do with my own experiences in my roller coaster type of life. Being able to put these experiences into jokes and being able to share them with you all for some laughter is just a blessing. It feels like it should be illegal to have this much fun and be working at the same time. In my life, I have been held down and this comedy is one thing that I feel in control of. I want to show you all that a hard working guy like me that grew up with nothing and had to do what it took to survive in a tough environment can make it in this big world and have a lot of fun doing it.



You ask how I got to this point or even if you did not, here it goes anyways. It is kind of a long story, but I think I can make it short. It all started in DC, grew up in an OK home with some, well, Ok people. I’ll save that for another post, but I always wanted to be a comedian. I can still hear my dad yelling at me that I would never be able to be one and that it was not a real job, “you can’t make money off of comedy”.

Well a few years later, me and my dad would have a falling out to say the least, stay tuned for that story. I decided to move to NY, started off in Harlem, NY and then moved to Long Island, NY. With this big move, I felt like my new life had just begun. My dad, well he didn’t know that I was not coming back to DC. I ran away to stay in NY, but now that I had moved, it was time to make big moves, I was 10, yes, big moves like going to school on long island.

Making friends was not a problem for me, but making good ones seemed to be my issue. I started to run with the wrong people, doing the wrong things, and acting in a way that was off the wall. I could literally see my self dying one day out in these streets with some of my so called friends. Then one day, I finally realized that I was letting my dream that I’d always wanted and that I was more then able to reach, get away from me.

That light bulb switch went off I guess you can say, so I started to clean up my act and focus on my main goal in life. Let it be known, this was not easy, but the best choice for me. I started to put great people around me, ones who had the same goals and wanted to do things with their lives. Third times the charm I guess, it was a new start and a new beginning.

After changing my ways, I found a great girlfriend, some one who would back me up and be my back bone, so that I would not back slide into the past. Before I knew it, my dream was coming true and I had started and now continue to live my dream of having a comedy career. This is just the first of many parts of my life.