the greats parts of learning comedy

The greatest bit of knowledge that I have learned thus far while pursuing a career in comedy is the importance of building relationships and networking. Getting to meet all these other comedians and being able to share such common ground with them is just mind blowing to me. So many comedians are making not just good moves, but great moves and for everyone that is watching and waiting to see something from me, well get ready because it’s my time and I’m creating something great for you all. The positive energy from these new relationships just makes me want to push forward that much harder with bigger and better moves and I can not wait to let all you see the stuff I have in the works. I really enjoy working on my jokes because they have a lot to do with my own experiences in my roller coaster type of life. Being able to put these experiences into jokes and being able to share them with you all for some laughter is just a blessing. It feels like it should be illegal to have this much fun and be working at the same time. In my life, I have been held down and this comedy is one thing that I feel in control of. I want to show you all that a hard working guy like me that grew up with nothing and had to do what it took to survive in a tough environment can make it in this big world and have a lot of fun doing it.


  1. marlhtv · April 9, 2015

    This was very sexy to read!


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