Pacing Yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s up you great people? Today I wanted to write a little something about pacing yourself, so let’s get in to this bad boy. Through the process of getting things together for my comedy career, I have learned that pacing yourself is one of those lessons that you eventually go through even if you may not want to. I know everyone has heard that the old saying “good things come to those who wait”. Well eff that right, I know you want to stop reading this blog now, but WAIT, this saying is so true. Many people want to hit the ground running with making big moves and being at the top of their career, but it really is important to start off small.

Take your time, you don’t want to rush in to anything because when you do that you have a higher chance of failing because you did not put in the time to understand what needed to be done or the time to get things done properly. By rushing you might also be expecting a lot more to be accomplished after you’re done, but if you end up walk away empty handed you might feel more inclined to give up.

I can tell you from first hand experiences or should I say hands, that defeat is the first step to success. I have had these fare shares of losses with different opportunities because I truly believe I was trying to rush into things that I was not ready for.  I have learned though that if I slow things down instead of trying to rush (e.g. to get money or to move), I find myself seeing a better outcome.

Everything you work towards for now will in the long run work out as long as you keep trying. To make myself successful I know I need to slow my shit down and make moves when the time feels right. If you feel lost, maybe it’s worth a shot to analyzing what’s going on in your situation in order for you to find a way to pace yourself to get where you need to be.

Thank you all so much for reading and the support. Peace out till next time.


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