The Reason for Having Goals


Hello world, glad to say I am back and I am back stronger than ever. So let me jump in to this ladies and gentlemen. The word of this blog is goals. I have come to realize that goals are not only set for you to do and to work towards, but there is a great feeling to experience after they are accomplished. Let’s all be honest for a moment, the feeling you get from accomplishing something big or small is like beating Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali; basically nothing can compare to the feeling of finishing a goal. I think I’ll be the first to say that not only is starting up a goal a good way to actually keep you motivated, but it’s a great way to make you want to set more goals and push yourself.

I want to add that you can’t be scared to fail at your goals. Losing is probably the most feared thing in this world next to spiders, but I can tell you losing can actually become the greatest thing in the world (not so much spiders). The reason why I say this is because there is a learning experience that you can be gained from failing, such as, being able to see what you did wrong and fix it to be that much closer at mastering whatever it is in the world you want to do. Failing or losing once or multiple times can make you jump for joy when you finally do accomplish the goal. You get that feeling as if you have conquered the world and you are indefatigable.

Out of everything I have said, I just want you to walk away with remembering these three points. One, that creating and following goals are important to move forward in life. Two, failing is a learning experience and it’s crucial to look on the positive side. Finally, three, accomplishing goals can leave you with an incredible feeling, so always push on and strive to reach your best.


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